I’ve loved fashion all my life. Right after college, I was thrilled to work at Glamour Magazine with experts who spotted and put together stories about trends.

I stayed in fashion as a personal shopper at THE store of the 80’s – Bloomingdale’s.  I kept celebrities, wealthy socialites, high-powered executives, and the wives of Wall Street moguls stylish and on-trend.

After I married and began a family, I kept up with other stay-at-home moms in my upscale suburb. My closet burst with designer clothing, handbags and shoes.

My perspective changed when we decided to move and I saw all I had accumulated. One broker was amazed by the 30 sweaters arranged neatly on shelves by color.  At the same time, the media was focusing on decluttering.  And I became mindful of fashion’s huge negative environmental impact.

As I cleaned out my closet, I realized I was trying to define myself from the outside in.  Exploring spirituality, I began to apply the concepts of mindfulness and detachment to my wardrobe.

Today, I am mindful of trends yet not driven by them.  Shopping now is pretty simple, because I know what looks good and makes me feel good.

I know I’m not alone in wanting to be stylish yet not a slave to fashion.  I started Mindful Style to share my expertise with women and men who want to get off the fashion merry-go-round and make wardrobe choices based on inner values.  I’m excited to help you develop your own Mindful Style.

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I’ve learned an enormous amount about how simplicity and streamlining my wardrobe makes my getting dressed in the morning so much easier. Now all I have to choose from are items that flatter me completely, and in which I feel so comfortable – physically, yes, as well as image-wise. I look as good as I feel inside!

Julie, Maplewood, NJ